Custom-Tailored Managed Account Service

Designed for larger investors who seek genuinely uncorrelated returns in the alternative space.  This service allows the investor to specify his own criteria with regards to investment strategy, portfolio structure, cash flow, time horizon, SPV domicile, tax strategy, etc.

Laureola Advisors has the expertise and – equally important –  a unique access to the deal flow, which combine to ensure that the investor’s requirements are met.  Their Life Settlement Portfolio will perform as expected, and the Managed Account Structure allows the investor flexibility should they decide to modify elements of their Life Settlement investment strategy.

The minimum size for a Managed Account is $20 million, but in some cases can be initiated with smaller amounts.

Asset Class Consulting

Laureola Advisors can consult on existing structures and life policy portfolios. Investors can make better decisions on their existing portfolio knowing the genuine market value of their holdings, as well as the strength and weaknesses of their overall portfolio.

Should the investors decide to liquidate, Laureola can help with the sales process in order to maximize the sale proceeds, whether the sale is for all or part of the portfolio.  Should the investor decide to reconstruct the portfolio to meet his current needs, Laureola can help ensure a successful and cost effective transition.

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